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Why Glass Bongs Are Considered More Valuable Than Alternate Models

Tobacco smokers continue to gravitate to brands of glass bongs.

Although there is competition in the market with plastics, ceramics, woods and metals, these items offer a series of unique selling points.


Better Quality Hit

Tobacco smokers by and large will advocate for glass bongs because they offer a superior smoking experience. The quality of the hit is enhanced in large part due to the cool texture of the material, providing a smooth finish that is difficult to substitute through other methods. There are multi-chambered designs that also allow for a more comprehensive filtration process, producing an authentic bong hit that has been scientifically enhanced through the intricate mechanism. Newcomers to the industry might not be able to differentiate easily, but those who know the market are strong advocates for the materials given this key advantage.


Superior Aesthetics

Many users who source high quality glass bongs consider their asset less a hobby item and more an art piece that they are able to utilise. The top sellers in the market provide materials that are handcrafted from experienced glassblowers, offering a series of intricate and delicate designs that range in size, texture and character. There are artworks and cultures from all around the globe that inspire these artists, providing an array of bongs that can be showcased and openly displayed.


Easier Cleaning Process

The cleaning process can be one of the great frustrations for tobacco smokers who have to rinse and repeat before using the item again. The good news is that this activity becomes far easier when glass bongs are brought into the equation, offering complete transparency with the residue and left over chemicals that remain inside the chambers. For metals and woods it is hard to ascertain to what degree this residue is present, and for plastics there is always the fear of staining and contamination. Just by applying an alcoholic wipe and a hot clean, users are able to enjoy a user-friendly cleaning experience.


Inclusion of Fun Extras

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The versatility that is on show with glass bongs offers another unique incentive for shoppers in the market. Unlike its peers with woods and ceramics, these brands are able to include extra chambers and switch the size of the cone pieces to offer a series of fun extras. Some constituents will be happy to stick to the exact model they have, but if there is a desire to upgrade or downgrade on the chambers and throw in some additional items along the way, then this is the material that should be embraced.


Great Resale Value

A key selling point that is regularly overlooked with glass bongs is that they provide high resale value in the event that the user wants to upgrade their purchase or they are giving up smoking for a certain period of time. Particularly for individuals who are moving location, have taken on a new job or are starting a family, it is beneficial to know that the investment won’t be wasted as it can be cleaned and put back onto the open market at a similar rate to when it was originally acquired. For shoppers who really do spend big into the thousands with their brand, it is peace of mind to know that this money can be recouped if this is a potential move on the horizon.


Smokers are more than welcome to mix and match with their bong selections. This is a market that welcomes a degree of experimentation where plastics, woods, ceramics and metals can be utilised at the consumer’s own discretion. Yet it is clear that the use of glass bongs provides incentives that these other materials simply can’t match.