About Company

With the help of advanced, indigenous technologies, able and committed workforce and a never ending commitment to the environment, we aim to provide increased value to our clients for all their electronic inventories ranging from end-of-life electronics to surplus and seconds electronics, while creating awareness for the need to recycle waste in an environment-friendly way and adopt sustainable technology disposal policies for a greener, safer planet for the generations to come.

We follow a simple, easy to understand and easy to implement step by step process of e-waste handling. Steps involved in our process are:

1. The first step is collecting the information about the type and amount of e-waste along with their location, so that we can send them quote.
2. After the proper analysis and calculation in the time and efforts needed, we send quote to our clients.
3. Once we get an approval from them, we visit their place; be it residential or commercial buildings in order to collect the e-waste material.
4. After collecting the material, we make the effective use of our transportation services and send them to our factory premises.