About Company

With the help of advanced, indigenous technologies, able and committed workforce and a never ending commitment to the environment, we aim to provide increased value to our clients for all their electronic inventories ranging from end-of-life electronics to surplus and seconds electronics, while creating awareness for the need to recycle waste in an environment-friendly way and adopt sustainable technology disposal policies for a greener, safer planet for the generations to come. We follow a simple, easy to understand and easy to implement step by step process of e-waste handling. Steps involved in our process are: 1. The first step is collecting the information about the type and amount of e-waste along with their location, so that we can send them quote. 2. After the proper analysis and calculation in the time and efforts needed, we send quote to our clients. 3. Once we get an approval from them, we visit their place; be it residential or commercial buildings in order...

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Services We Provide

e-Waste Management

Rapid technology change, low initial cost, and even planned obsolescence have resulted in a fast-growing surplus, which contributes to the increasing amount...

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Kitchen Waste

Bin Hire Melbourne treats your organic kitchen waste- vegetable cuts, fruit peels, leftover food- and converts it into compost. Bin Hire Melbourne...

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Garden Waste

Bin Hure Melbourne picks up your garden waste and mulches it. Request for garden bags, keep them filled, pay & schedule a...

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Office Waste

We collect all the electrical and electronic waste from the homes and office buildings as per the needs and requirements of our...

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Waste Collection

We provide door step service when it comes to collection of waste from your home or office. The process starts with you approaching us, letting us know about the type and quality of your waste. On the basis of information you give, we will send you quote, which you can approve or disapprove. Once we receive your approval, we can send our staff people at your location to pick up the wastes.


Refurbishment is one of the most important services that we provide. The concept of the re-use is highly beneficial, especially computer refurbishment. We turn the waste into opportunity by re-using and refurbishing services. All electronic and electrical equipments will become old enough one day to require the recycle and reuse. We refurbish the electronics and sell them at the affordable rates.


Waste contains a lot of materials that can be extracted and re-used wisely. We understand the importance of such materials and we know the environment friendly way to recycle them. We recycle to conserve natural resources and save energy as well as resources, which will ultimately help us to reduce emissions and pollution and protect our surrounding from the harmful toxic substances.