Our Mission for a Zero Waste Future

Services We Provide

Bin Hire Melbourne Services is committed to our future. We live on a finite planet and discarded material must be handled responsibly. By utilizing a Zero Waste system, we first reduce the amount of materials created, thus saving natural resources, energy and water. All actual waste material is then reused, recycled, or composted, reducing the amount of discards to landfill. Zero waste is designed to safely return materials back to industry or soil without any ill effects to human, animal or global health.

Residential Services

Bin Hire Melbourne Solid Waste Collection offers a full suite of curbside collection services for residential customers—garbage, food and yard waste, and recycling. To help keep Spokane clean and safe, weekly garbage collection within the city limits is required for all occupied residences. Each home is furnished with special automated carts that are durable and […]

Commercial Service

Bin Hire Melbourne Trash Service has been providing quality, dependable trash removal and dumpster rental services to Queensland area businesses large and small, for over 2 years. We provide flexible solutions made for everyone – including construction trash removal. Rear & Front Removal Bin Hire Melbourne Trash Service has both rear load and front load […]

Roll-Off Service

Bin Hire Melbourne Trash Removal offers a roll-off dumpster rental service for all your commercial waste management and trash removal needs. Omaha is ever-changing. Whether it is demolition and construction or housing and yard cleanups, we have the right roll-off dumpster for you and your commercial management application. Our dumpster rental services are timely to […]

With a range of environmental solutions

We've got you covered.

Bin Hire Melbourne is committed to the environment and supports it moves towards a more sustainable future. We are always looking for ways to advance our recycling programs, save precious resources, and create a better environment for current generations and generations to come.

Kitchen Waste

Bin Hire Melbourne treats your organic kitchen waste- vegetable cuts, fruit peels, leftover food- and converts it into compost. Bin Hire Melbourne van will come to your housing society/facility everyday to collect and treat your segregated organic kitchen waste.

Office Waste

We collect all the electrical and electronic waste from the homes and office buildings as per the needs and requirements of our clients, in the most efficient and effective way. Our list of items that we can pick up from your location includes a lot of things: – Computers, monitors, CPUs, laptops and printers – […]

Our Customer's Feedbacks

We provide door step service when it comes to collection of waste from your home or office. The process starts with you approaching us, letting us know about the type and quality of your waste. On